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PRODUCER(S): Daniel Muños Ordoñez
TASTING NOTES: A trio of Hazelnut, sweet Apricot Jam, and the essence of Root Beer, with a classic, low-acidity.
ORIGIN(S): San Agustin, Huila, Colombia.
FARM(S): Fazenda Villa Camila.
GENEALOGY: Ethiopian Landrace (Pink Bourbon).
ELEVATION: 1900 m.a.s.l.
PROCESSING: Fully Washed.
IMPORTER & F.O.B.: USD $10.80/kg via Brendan at Semilla.

ORIGIN STORY: Raised on a sugar cane farm, Daniel’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to establish a thriving Panela factory in San Augustin, followed by the acquisition of Villa Camila farm. It was on this picturesque estate that he dedicated himself to cultivating rare, high-grade coffee varieties, including the coveted Ethiopian Landrace known as Pink Bourbon. Guided by a profound philosophy, Daniel strives to craft a life of purpose, where environmental responsibility, human well-being, and an unrelenting pursuit of excellence converge.

THE FLAVOURS: Savour the rich delight of a coffee with a classic, low-acidity, set against a fabulous trio of Hazelnut, sweet Apricot Jam, and the essence of Root Beer.

“Legendary Things Arise from Fire!”™ — Phoenix Coffee Company Inc.
“De la braise, au légendaire!”™ — Phoenix Coffee Company Inc.

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