Our Advocacy


Interview with Barista Brad Bauder

– C.E.O. of Phoenix Coffee Company Inc.

“When changing legislation and overturned judicial rulings threatened our Rights & Liberties, when queer art & entertainment came under fire, when you question being able to be you, to dance with, or even hug the one you love in formerly safe spaces; when you question going to a world barista competition because you fear for your lives…enough is enough! As a nano company, we knew that our platform wouldn’t be large, but we were determined to do good with what we had; one person can make a change!

By definition, it’s challenging work and a bit of stress to advocate for something the world considers unpopular- in our case, other than as a marketing exercise for Pride. It would be easier to sit back and let others take the hit. While we have our whole lives to be inward-looking, when notable attention comes our way, it is usually for a brief, precious “15 minutes”- shall we not use our voice & platform to effect change?”