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¦MAGNOLIA, by the Layo Teraga Coffee Washing Station (CWS)



PRODUCER(S): Approx. 500 Smallholder Farms at Boye Coffee Washing Station (Site #2)

TASTING NOTES: Sweet & Floral with Strawberry, Lemon & Peach Snapple.

ORIGIN(S): oromia region of Ethiopia, Guji zone, district of Uraga, town of Haro Wachu

FARM(S):  Layo Teraga Coffee Washing Station (CWS)

GENEALOGY:  Ethiopia Landraces.

ELEVATION: 2300 m.a.s.l.

PROCESSING: Fully Washed.

IMPORTER & F.O.B.: USD $13.36/kg via Maya at Crop to Cup


ORIGIN STORY: Established in 1976, the Layo Teraga Coffee-Washing Station, serves as a central hub for approximately 500 small-scale farmers in the Haro Wachu area! As farmers usually cultivate multiple crops simultaneously, Coffee is often produced in smaller lots. The station boasts five key collection centres, with three dedicated to processing washed coffee, and two for natural processed coffee. This year's harvest originates from the 'Boye' Center, also known as 'Site 2'!

THE FLAVOURS:  Magnolia is our head roaster's love letter to exceptional coffee, carefully roasted to accentuate sweetness and vibrancy! Layo Teraga's unique flavour profile, characterized by notes of rich stone fruit, upon a deep foundation of brown sugar, with hints of lemon curd and hibiscus, makes it an ideal match for Magnolia's signature style!




“Legendary Things Arise from Fire!” - Phoenix Coffee Company Inc.

"De la braise, au légendaire!" - Phoenix Coffee Company Inc. 


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