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TASTE: Sweet & Floral with White Nougat & Cherry Pie.

ORIGIN(S): Alto de Las Chinas, San Agustin, Huila. 

PRODUCER: Hamith Burbano

FARM: Buena Vista.

GENEALOGY: Pink Bourbon. 

ELEVATION: 1900 m.a.s.l.

PROCESS: Fully Washed. 

IMPORTER & F.O.B.:  $11.35 usd/kg via Brendan at Semilla.

ORIGIN STORY: After working on his family’s Bueno Vista farm, Hamith Burbano  traveled the countryside to hone his expertise. In his twenties, he returned home and along with his brother, Jenaro, began growing a coffee variety called Caturra. It was sadly decimated by la roya, but Hamith refused to quit,

He now grows both Pink Bourbon and San Bernando lots. Last year was his first export thanks to grower initiative Monkaaba and Semilla and we are absolutely thrilled with this lot.

FLAVOUR: “Magnolia is my love letter to coffee. It is always those special and unique coffees roasted for sweetness and vibrancy. Hamith’s coffee is perfect with a bright hit of red cherry acidity over honey, almond butter, and white chocolate.” 



“Legendary Things Arise from Fire!”™ — Phoenix Coffee Company Inc.

"De la braise, au légendaire!"™ — Phoenix Coffee Company Inc.

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