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The Flight of the Phoenix - Personal Coffee Shopping Service is here!

Be surprised every month by our DIRECTOR’S EDITION SUBSCRIPTION service!

Once a month, for the term of your subscription, you’ll receive two (2) bags of specialty level grade coffee*, certain to craft a celestial cup. The selection of coffees are personally curated by our Director of Coffee; they are coffee offerings that we're as excited to share with you- as we were to discover!



STEP 1:  Add our monthly DIRECTOR’S EDITION SUBSCRIPTION service to the Shopping Cart, and proceed to Checkout.

STEP 2: At Checkout, you will be billed immediately for your selected term of service, and the related shipping & taxes.

Unless you choose to renew the subsection at the end of the term, you will not be billed again, following this initial payment

STEP 3: Every month, for the duration of your subscription, we will ship a curated selection of freshly roasted specialty level grade coffee*, right to your door. It's just that simple! 

OUR GIFT TO YOU - We want to help you optimize your brewing, allowing you to experience, more fully, the wonderful world of coffee. To accomplish this, your monthly subscription will also include one (1) package of Third Wave Water**


           After the fall of Kabul to the Taliban in 2021, Canada made a commitment to resettle vulnerable populations, including LGBTQI+ Afghans, who need safety & support. In May of 2022, due to a lack of action by the Canadian Government and rising requests for aid from Afghanistan, the Toronto-based, charitable organization Rainbow Railroad, put out a call to action, and we’re responding!

WHO IS RAINBOW RAILROAD? - Rainbow Railroad is a global not-for-profit organization that helps LGBTQI+ people facing persecution based on their sexual orientation, gender identity, and sexual characteristics. Since their founding in 2006, they’ve helped 3,100 LGBTQI+ individuals to safety through emergency relocation and other forms of assistance. Since January 1st, 2022 - 4,649 individuals have requested help, with 4,500 of these requests coming from Afghanistan alone!

WHAT WE HAVE COMMITTED TO DO - As a Queer owned & operated, Canadian business, Phoenix Coffee Company Inc., sees the need to step-up and do what we are able! Happily we can announce that for every new subscription sign up, we will be donating up to $30.00^ to Rainbow Railroad to assist in this fight for liberty!

HOW DOES OUR COMMITMENT WORK? - When we receive a new subscription sign-up, we will donate up to $30.00^ to Rainbow Railroad to assist in this fight for liberty! We say “up to $30.00” because our donation range is based on the term of the subscription you choose. As you can see in the chat below, this donation ranges from $5.00–$30.00CAD.

Month-to-Month = $5.00CAD / TERM
3 Months Prepaid = $15.00CAD / TERM
6 Months Prepaid = $30.00CAD / TERM


DONATE DIRECTLY, NO PURCHASE NECESSARY - Donate directly to Rainbow Railroad, you may do so without any purchase- by visiting Phoenix Coffee Company’s Team Fundraising Page for Rainbow Railroad:

"Legendary Things Arise From Fire!"™ — Phoenix Coffee Company Inc.

*300g - Whole Bean Coffee
** What is Third Wave Water? - Minerals. Third Wave Water is a packet of all-natural minerals that when mixed with 4L of distilled water, creates the optimum water to brew coffee. We use it at the Phoenix Coffee Lab™ and at all our catered events. It can be a lot of fun to try different water profiles.
^ Our donation range is based on the term of the subscription you choose, and can range from $5.00—$30.00CAD.