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TASTING NOTES: Creamy, with vanilla, peanut butter, and apple pie.
ORIGINS: BRAZIL Minas Gerais, Cerrado Mineiro.
PRODUCER: Ana Velloso
FARM: São Luiz.
GENEALOGY: Yellow Catuai
ELEVATION: 1180 m.a.s.l.
PROCESS: Natural
F.O.B. & IMPORTER: $8.69 usd/kg via Maya at Crop to Cup.

ORIGIN STORY: Ana Cecilia Velloso is a third generation producer who runs São Luiz Estate with her Brother, Lucio. They continue to build on the family farm’s long history by pushing innovative techniques in growing and precision in processing. This is our fourth year working with São Luiz and this year’s lot is a natural processed gem from Ana. It comes by way of our long-term partner Yuki Minami at Aequitas and Maya at Crop to Cup.

FLAVOUR: Allie & Lennie is named after my Grandmothers. I will never forget their warm kitchens filled with strong coffee and baked goods. I think they would both love this cup with all its delicious apple, caramel, and chocolate notes.