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TASTE: Violet Florals, Santa Rosa Plum & Cherry Slurpee.

ORIGIN(S): Nyamasheke District &  Nyaruguru District, Rwanda.

PRODUCER: Emmanuel Rusatira’s 'ukuri lot’.

C.W.S.: Kobakanya and the Fugi Washing Stations.

GENEALOGY: Red Bourbon.

ELEVATION: 1520-1770m.a.s.l.

PROCESS: 72hr Anaerobic Natural.

IMPORTER & F.O.B.:  $14.43USD/kg via Brendan at Semilla.

ORIGIN STORY: This is Baho owner Emmanuel Rusatira’s 'ukuri lot’. In Kinyarwanda, it translates to 'truth' in reference to his conviction that "Rwandese coffee is inherently great". In other words, this is Emmanuel’s favourite lots of the harvest. It combines crops from both the Kobakanya and the Fugi Washing Stations, which was sealed in tanks for 72 hours to foster an anaerobic state for the yeast and bacteria in the coffee fruit. Following this low oxygen fermentation, cherries dry on raised beds for 50 to 55 days.


FLAVOUR: You can expect huge floral notes, which mix fresh violet and wild rose. There is a big juicy plum acidity that turns sweet, think the syrupy pool that forms under frozen strawberries or the zippy hit of a cherry Slurpee. It is easy to understand why Emmanuel deems this the ‘ukuri’!



“Legendary Things Arise from Fire!”™ — Phoenix Coffee Company Inc.

"De la braise, au légendaire!"™ — Phoenix Coffee Company Inc.

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